100 gecs and Machine Girl Summon All the Wizards in Montreal to MTELUS (Show Review)


Show poster provided via press agent

Last night, 100 gecs and Machine Girl joined forces at MTELUS to summon all of the wizards in Montreal for an unforgettable, high-energy show.

100 gecs recently released their long-awaited second album, 10,000 gecs, via Dog Show Records / Atlantic Records. Standout tracks like “Dumbest Girl Alive,” “757,” and “Hollywood Baby” quickly seeped into the freakiest parts of the Internet, continuing to elevate the band’s cult following.

Walking up to the venue, it was immediately apparent that the show would be special. Multiple groups of wizards with colour-coordinated cloaks and hats filed inside the venue, followed by others wearing elaborate horns, star-shaped headgear, gyaru girlies, and fans wearing juggalo and metal-inspired makeup that could easily land them in any of The Garden’s music videos. It was giving “we just left the Dungeons & Dragons gathering to come to the show” in the best way possible.

Showgoers ranged in age from what appeared to be a toddler on a teddy-bear-themed leash with circular glow sticks in their hair, to an overwhelming amount of Gen Zs dressed as every -core that exists on TikTok, to parent-age folks who all seemed a little wary but happy. I also met a friend’s mom for the first time who seemed very happy to be there (shout out to Annie’s mom).


Machine Girl opened the show with an explosive set, climbing all over the venue and setting the magic for the night. Vocalist Matt Stephenson weaved his way through the crowd, eventually ending up on a balcony looking over the pit, screaming in the loving void of Montreal. The duo left the room feeling electric, with showgoers ready to tear apart the pit.

Photos courtesy of Malaika Astorga

100 gecs entered the stage dressed as starry warlocks, opening with some of their newer tracks and a healthy balance of fan favourites, including “money machine,” “stupid horse,” and “ringtone.” About halfway through the set, Laura announced that Dylan felt like doing ‘his trick,’ which meant balancing a guitar on his chin. This was received warmly by the crowd. Dylan also took a bite of an onion that materialized onstage before closing out the show with a few encore songs after fans literally barked for them.


Overall, the show was a beautiful congregation of Montreal’s freakiest music-enjoyers, all of whom left sweaty and smiling, unable to believe the warlock pop collective experience that had just occurred.

100 gecs continue their tour with Machine Girl into May. You can get tickets here, and check out their Boiler Room set below.

Malaika Astorga is the Co-Founder & Creative Director of Also Cool. She is a Mexican-Canadian visual artist, writer, and social media strategist currently based in Montreal.

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