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Electrozombies TV 04/2024 - Best music videos of April 2024

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This is a selection of our favourite music videos of April 2024. We recommend enjoying the playlist on a large Smart TV. Subscribe to our YouTube channel now and never miss your monthly ‘Electrozombies TV’ show again.

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The playlist ‘Electrozombies TV 04/2024’ contains the following official music videos

  • Depeche Mode – People Are Good
  • A Sinister Light – Don’t Be A Stranger
  • Polina Suffer – Empty State
  • Pet Shop Boys – Dancing Star
  • Living Temples – Lamb Among Wolves
  • Black Dahlia – Bodyguard
  • M/A/T – Replikant
  • Male Tears – Regret 4 Nothing
  • Synapsyche – The Last Dying Flame (Feat. Chris Harms / Lord Of The Lost)
  • Blackbook – Out With A Bang
  • Silent Star – The Cold Now (Feat. Nikki Nevver of Terror Bird)
  • Priest – Black Venom
  • Optic – In The Fire
  • Caput Medusae – I Wear Black ’til I’m Dead
  • Cause & Effect – You Think You Know Her

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