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From jazzed up Christmas carols to rocking classics, these albums are perfect to set your holiday mood

The Christmas season is officially here. Across the US and Europe and throughout the world, inexplicable pine trees are being set up with sparkling lights, a big jolly man is gearing up for rounds of presents (the 6th of December for many in Europe, the 25th in the US), and people are preparing their ears for the endless refrain of Christmas radio melodies. That means if your projects don’t have that Christmas spice sprinkled in, you might be missing out on some audience – or you might confuse them.

Here are our top 5 albums for the holiday season. So be sure to check them out. New around here? Experiment with our unique app where you can control the length and the mix of the track and watch it automatically edit the piece for you, so that it will fit perfectly into your project.

Christmas Piano stock music

With ten lively piano interpretations of the most beloved Christmas songs, this jazzy lounge-flavored album truly reflects the spirit and pleasure of the holiday season. Though updated with improvisations and rhythms at times, the tunes remain loyal to the lovely melodies that invoke nostalgia and happiness during the most delightful time of year. These adaptive tracks work well as a background for almost any festive setting. Two of the tracks, “Jingle Bells” and “We with You a Merry Christmas”, also feature the hands being mixed separately, so you can use just one of the hands if you’d like, or mix them to a more preferable ratio.

X-mas cinema stock music

This Christmas album captures all the pleasure, nostalgia, and beauty of the season. It is a collection of carols, cinematic arrangements, and joyful tunes that is intended to serve as all of the musical material for a Christmas film. This adaptive assortment is ideal for anything from quiet rural sleigh trips to hectic large city shopping sprees. And using the app, you can create any number of refrains and reprises that you might need to sprinkle through your project.

holiday magic stock music

With both modern and classic forms of Christmas music, help people experience the excitement and vitality of the holiday season. Ideal for movies, podcasts, and YouTube videos celebrating the holiday season, Christmas shopping, public announcements, and other special occasions such as Hanukkah and New Year’s. Instill in your audience a sense of anticipation for all the thrills and wonders that the holiday season has to offer.

Christmas treasures stock music

A selection of Christmas classics that were especially arranged and recorded so as to make the most of the multi-layering and mood-mapping capabilities of Smartsound Cloud. Plus featuring three free-to-use tracks that you can edit to your heart’s content for any of your projects, without worrying about complicated royalty schemes. Most tracks focus on a more classic, soft rock feel. Check out this rocking version of “Jingle Bells” or the smooth sax covering “Silent Night”.

Though not a “Christmas” album, Magical Moments still very much captures the spirit of the season. It’s a one-of-a-kind acoustic-orchestral performance that focuses on music that is ethereal and eerie, and that evokes feelings of enchantment and awe in the listener. These tracks have the ability to turn any setting into a memorable moment, regardless of whether they are uplifting or warm, urgent or reflective. Utilize our Mood Mapping technology to adjust the volume of the live instruments, such as the live strings, live acoustic guitars, and live piano, to complement the particular qualities that are exclusive to your setting.

Check out this short vid we put together to show off “Carol of the Bells” from the Christmas Piano album (above).

With Smartsound Cloud, you can take your Christmas-themed projects to a whole new level. These royalty-free stock music albums are ideal for creating holiday cheer that will get your audience in the mood, whether you’re looking for jingles, upbeat rhythms, memorable melodies, or nostalgic moods. You may quickly modify the recordings to your exact requirements with the extra ease of Smartsound Cloud’s app, altering the duration, instrument mix, and loudness as needed. With Smartsound Cloud’s unparalleled selection of holiday soundtracks, embrace the music revolution for video makers and unleash your creativity this season of cheer.

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