Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/color-theory-avianOnce again Brian Hazard’s ‘Color Theory’ delights us with one of his most recent releases, the classic synthpop driven song ‘Avian’, enriched with exquisite analog synth melodies and sweet vocal harmonies.
Brian chooses a classic synth drums sound and rythm, that is in a way a long running music production direction in other of his tracks as Color Theory, he also incorporates small and detailed sound efx that gives the track that special 80’s flavour that Brian is known for achieving.
His vocals in this song are pleasant and sweet, achievieng harmonies that remind of early Depeche Mode songs, in fact, is well known that Brian has that ‘Martin Gore’ vocal texture.
In general this recent series of singles that Brian has been producing and conceptually deal with superstitions at the lyrics level, constitute a high quality, elegant and classic delicate electronic sound and it also can be noted a modest nuanced incorporation of more recent synthwave trends; at the end, for Color Theory this comes of as natural since his overall signature style is based on 80’s synthpop.
Follow & listen to Color Theory specially if you enjoy fine exquisite synthpop melodies, pleasant vocals, & classic synth drum machine sounds.