Source – https://getsomemagazine.com/blog/berate-me-by-razor-braids-breathes-new-life-into-classic-sound

Razor Braids is a queer, female-led group from Brooklyn that is hitting the punk-rock scene hard. Their new song “Berate Me” articulates the complications of entering a new relationship. It’s an exciting time, but anxiety-inducing nonetheless!

“Berate Me” is perfectly catchy; it balances whimsical and gritty guitar tones to encapsulate various emotions as the lead singer has a conversation with herself.

Though, there are hidden gems within “Berate Me” lyrically, too. If you listen closely, there are darker sides to her light, airy, and dreamy vocals.

The drumming in this track stands out. It’s great work and a reminder that rock music would be nothing without excellent drummers.

Overall, “Berate Me” proves that Razor Braids deserves more recognition. As up-and-comers, their lyricism alone could generate massive audiences of fans who relate to the situations described in their songs— especially being queer-fronted. Impressionable audiences need people they can relate to at the forefront.

I am interested to see where Razor Braids takes this project. Continuing to develop this soundscape over time could lead them to something fresh, new, and necessary.

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