Break Ur Heart

Source – based Alt-Rock artist Neia Jane delights us with her recent single ‘Break Ur Heart’, a catchy emotional and very melodic music production that implements elements of indie / new wave and synthwave resulting in a unique electropop ride.
From the very beginning, the song grabs you with an embracing warmth and an emotive atmosphere; immediately the gorgeous vocals from Neia shine so vividly that at the end of the track stay with you inviting for several more listens.
The music production is top quality, the instruments deliver their melodies & chords exceptionally, and highlighting a synth/guitar solo towards the end in unison with orchestral strings that give the tune a subtle sensation of epicness in the final arrangement; everything fits in place, it’s very notable the talent behind this.
We should give special emphasis to the vocal execution and very melodic texture of Neia’s vocals, she possesses that classic gorgeous tonality that communicates a mixture of melancholy, nostalgia, and sweetness that is very irresistible.
Finally, while the theme of the song is bittersweet in the end carries a positive message, just listen for yourself! please follow & support Neia Jane, we have no doubt her next releases will be captivating as this one!