Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/leopld-burnSwedish indie electronic band LEOPLD released their single ‘Burn’, an electro song with lots of synthpop vibes and alternative electronic elements, the general feel of the track acomplishes what the message of it tries to offer, a dark eerie romantic but difficult time with an optimistic ending. The music production is amazing, opting for a modernized dreampop vibe and the song in general relies heavily in modern ebm techniques which gives gives it an elegant atmospheric immersion. It reminds sometimes to exceptional artists like Mind.In.A.Box, that are super effective in blending even new age music nuances and ambiences. The vocals are probably the strongest highlight of the track, they come with a gorgeous, elegant texture and the calming smooth nature are an immediate hook up that get embellished with a small dose of beautiful female vocals.
This is a strong act that can captivate audiophiles who are seeking a mixture of elegant synthpop with new age influences and gorgeous pleasant vocals!