Caravan Palace – Mirrors

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Sounds like:
Pogo, SIAMES, Glenn Gatsby

What’s so good?

Caravan Palace's "Mirrors" exudes a sense of identity that you can't help but envy.Ever since the captivating sounds of "Wonderland," Caravan Palace has firmly stayed on my radar. This electro-swing band effortlessly weaves in and out of my playlists, reminiscent of a 1920s bootlegger navigating the streets to evade the authorities. "Mirrors," a new single from their EP of the same name, is an absolute bop.Never before have I cherished a trumpet and a synth as much as within the club-lit depths of this track. The builds, the swings, and the flows all culminate in the most characteristic and energized song this side of the 1920s. Caravan Palace once again proves their mastery in blending eras and genres into a sonic experience that is both timeless and irresistibly groovy.

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