Chicago Post-Punk Duo Oddysseys Talks Friendship, DIY Happenings and New Single “Enough”


Oddysseys: Paul DiRico, (left) and Christian Treon (right)

Hot off the heels of their 2022 LP Softcore, Chicago-based post-punk duo and DIY collective Oddysseys shake off the bleak ache of winter with their new single “Enough”, arriving April 1st, 2023. Setting a promising tone for future music from the band, “Enough” cuts through its narrator’s uncertain inner-monologue with poignant, grungy rhythms and an undefeated aftertaste.

On “Enough”, Oddysseys’ Christian Treon shares:

“(‘Enough’) was written in the middle of the pandemic, when I started seeing less and less people; reaching out to less and less people. I was in a state of feeling very isolated, lonely and insecure. It progresses and gets louder and louder, following how I was feeling. It’s kind of like that build that comes from a while of being dissatisfied with how you handle situations—how you want to grow beyond (them)—and see how you can be enough not only for other people, but above all for yourself.”

“Enough” single artwork by Oddysseys

While we can’t say much more about the track until its release, listen to our audio interview with Oddysseys’ leading members, Christian Treon and Paul DiRico, below. Within, they discuss their latest arrival, learnings from their last album Softcore, as well as the admirable work ethic and camaraderie nurturing their creative vision.

Also Cool Mag · Chicago Post-Punk Duo Oddysseys Talks Friendship, DIY Happenings and New Single "Enough"


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