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Chloe Star has been gathering a diehard army of fans by her side, cultivating a genuine presence in her local LA scene with her lyricism and stylistic choices. Her new single, “Wasted Youth” is proof of her earned spot, gracing earbuds everywhere.

The song’s entryway focuses on a distorted guitar riff, reminding everyone that Chloe Star is, in fact, a real rockstar. She tends to incorporate traditional techniques, like distorted guitar riffs, into each of her singles.

This time, however, the song’s real focus is on its meaning. It would be a disservice to everyone to ignore the potent message in “Wasted Youth.” Star had a rough childhood, and this song reflects her time spent in a teenage wilderness treatment program. These programs have often seen backlash from their unwilling participants, normally due to their aggressive nature and tendency to change kids’ entire personalities.

Star is an openly queer artist; her commitment to using her platform to uplift current and future generations of her community is nothing short of inspirational. “Wasted Youth” is just the beginning of her anthemic sonic journey. I cannot wait to hear what’s next for Chloe Star.

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