Christian Loffler – Felt (Ft. Henry Green)

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Henry Green has a knack for delivering vocals that get me to stop what I'm doing and listen a little bit closer. This new single "Felt" is no exception to that rule, and I think Christian Löffler's beautiful chill-house instrumentals provide the perfect accompaniment.Late last month German producer Christian Löffler released his latest album A Life. Of the 11 tracks, six of them feature a guest vocalist: 3 with Mogli, 2 with Malou, and 1 with Henry Green. They're all. lovely auditory experiences and tend to capture the same sort of "moving" vibe throughout. Occasionally that makes for quite a heavy listening experience, but then songs like "Brave" come along and put me right in the groove.Henry's collab with Christian hasn't garnered the most attention, but I think it's worthy of it. Hopefully appreciation for it grows 🙂

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