Cloud Neon

Source – Gloom is one of those rare and fascinating synthwave acts that while maintaining a classic retrowave sound, achieves a uniqueness specially in terms of musical arrangement & structure. It only takes a listen from the first track “Cloud Neon” of his “Phosphorene” LP to grasp the first glimpe of what this amazing independent electronic music producer can and will offer. The track opens with immediate arpeggiated synth notes of a very modern and clean sound that engulfs the listener with a calming and enjoyable ambience, just to later transform into a fully synthwave/synthpop oriented track with a lot of efx tricks, that gives the track a lot of versatility and a wide and varied perception in terms of mixing. The vocals shine and are perfectly glued and its high tones adorn perfectly the super delightful retrosynth background that are full of harmonies and really well timed & placed melodies. This is a very creative and skilled music producer you should not skip this one.

Also, we give him extra points because the way he is open to share how he goes about making his music, very modest, nothing that fancy, it should be an inspiration for starting electronic music producers that think that owning “the perfect studio” or “the perfect synths”, could be the only way one can make professional sounding music productions. well, not at all, check this video where he talks about his creative process: