Do You Remember the First Time?

Source – indie electropop band Social Ambitions got our attention with their recent release; a beautiful melancholic anthem with a well-tought balance of hybrid elements between indie pop/electropop/synthwave and new wave, the song ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’.
Without a doubt, this tune possesses a classic vibe often found in soundtracks of 80’s cinema, you just can locate it as the main song of movies like Sixteen Candles or Can’t Buy My Love.
The music production is pleasantly clean, keeping it more on the conservative side using old school drumbeats and very melodic synth patches and bassline, all of this summed up in a more modernized electronic end result.
The catchy vocals and very melodic texture of the singer complement this addictive pop piece that is sure to hook anyone, and most especially enthusiasts of that 80’s synth atmosphere and all that old school themed flavor.
We encourage to give a listen to their full album ‘A New Frontier’ which is full of excellent pieces and doesn’t ask anything from similars on this type of style (like MGTM for example), Social Ambitions offer their own rendition to indie music and they sure do it with great success!