Don´t Feed The Demons

Source – cool recent surprise was finding out about international electronic duo Moon and Aries, their most recent release, the hazy synthpop dark track ‘Don’t Feed the Demons’, is an audio feat that comes in time for the Halloween season, since the theme, mood and musical landscape of the track invite our minds to an insight to confront our own dark entities.

The duo exposes their seasoned music skills across the whole track, implementing carefully placed synth melodies and patches with a clear intention of provoking the listener to an obscure journey and reflection.

It’s clear that the duo knows and achieves an engaging balance of elements from various electronic styles like trip-hop, dark-synth, and cinematic synthpop, the song also reaches points that remind of dark 80’s vibes with a more fresh modern electronica sound.

The rhythm and beat sound enhance a lot this type of tunes since these blends tend to be sometimes less organic oriented and that usually becomes not an easy task to mix but the duo achieves this flawlessly, especially with the surrounding pads and the variance in melodic sections.

There are several other highlights in this track, but the vocals do stand out, with a clear craft, polish, and versatile execution; without a doubt, Jordana is a great singer whose expertise shines in showing how dark can become sexy and catchy.

Don’t forget to follow Moon and Aries; dark electronica music lovers will particularly enjoy them but we believe the music is balanced to all kinds of ears!