ECCO CHAMBER #07 – [feat. botnit, LukHash, Makeup and Vanity Set, Loraine James and New Arcades]

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The FutureSounds staff writers have recovered from FutureSounds IV and are back to share their top tracks, including a guest recommendation from Occams Laser!


botnit – ‘pulse connection’ [Self Released]

Botnit’s new single merges Synthwave with 4AM breaks. If Mitch Murder spent a lusty weekend away with Future Sound of London this is what their beautiful progeny would resemble.

With many of the Synthwave scene’s originators moving into new styles and abandoning the ‘classic’ Outrun sound, it’s interesting to see Botnit experiment with breakbeats without eschewing the caramel keyboard work for which he’s known.

It’s the most assured attempt to create Synthbreaks – or Synthrave – so far, and comes at a time where breaks influences are also taking over Vaporwave.

Is Synthwave about to become Happy Hardcore to Vaporwave’s Jungle?

Enzo Van Baelen

pulse connection by botnit


LukHash –Keygen[Self Released]

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Virtual Burnout’, you just hit the start button in streets of rage on the sega genesis and you’d better believe that police car rocket is coming straight for your face!

High energy, ear-worm enduring licks give this chiptune an infectious groove that begs for repeat listens.

As of right now this is the only track preview available for the album but it’s clear to see/hear that Virtual Burnout will be another LukHash hit!

Occams Laser

Virtual Burnout by LukHash


Makeup and Vanity Set (Feat: Mitch Murder and YATTE) – ‘Blame it To The City’ [Self Released]

Late September brought with it the return of MAVS with his latest album, FM. Amongst this collection of essential listening was personal favourite, Blame it To The City – in what is a dream collaboration with Synthwave OG Mitch Murder and Yacht Rock sorcerer, Alex Chod of YATTE.

This upbeat, beat driven delight is an instant classic as Mitch Murder’s trademark rhythm and MAVS beautiful synth work beautifully accompany Alex’s much loved vocal talent.

A track equally as at home on the dance floor as it is in a private members lounge. Pass me my Old Fashioned….

Patrick Fakeman

FM by Makeup and Vanity Set


Loraine James – ‘I DM U’ [Hyperdub]

DM U is a gorgeous single taken from Loraine James’ new album Gentle Confrontation (out on Hyperdub). The opening section features stuttering drum machines and smeary synth-work, reminiscent of active presence’s Electribe experiments. This gives way to some intricate acoustic drum work by Morgan Simpson of black midi who shreds freeform breakbeats while shimmery synths ascend.

Thom Hosken


New Arcades – Prime Directive / On The Streets [self release]

Hot off the back of possibly their best album yet, in a decade of enjoying critical respect in the synthwave scene, New Arcades release a double single taken from the soundtrack of the new Robocop documentary, Robodoc (2023).

‘Prime Directive’ is reminscent of Occams Laser’s quieter moments – a big bold synth line with a tightly delivered verse/chorus melody exchange. A mass of complex submelodies scatter across the track like Robocop’s connecting electrical synapses as he is rebuilt from the broken sinew of slain cop, Murphy.

Whilst Robodoc’s title theme, ‘On The Streets’, gives fans of the iconic 1987 movie a big slice of nostalgia as this New Arcades original subtly morphs into the familiar strains of Basil Poledouris’ anthemic score.

Should the ingenuity and flair of New Arcades ever get forgotten, the boys’ incredible work here reminds us of their talent. Now, you have thirty seconds to comply and download this single…!

Rob Dyson

Prime Directive by New Arcades

On the Streets by New Arcades


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