Elise Trouw: Losing Sleep EP

Elise Trouw is an American artist, a multi-instrumentalist and record producer. This 23 year old was born in Newport Beach. California and now resides in San Diego. She began her music journey at the young age of 6 when she learned to play the piano, when she wanted to really learn to play My Immortal by Evanescence. She began her drumming career at age 10, when she started taking lessons with drum instructor Dave Blackburn because of her love of playing Rock Band.

She graduated before her senior year from The Bishop School to pursue a career in music. She is known for her use of Ableton while looping drums along with bass and other instruments in her live performances

Trouw’s recent release is an EP entitled Losing Sleep. The opening track entitled Chromatic is a true pop gem written with Koil and Jacob Luttrell. The title track Losing Sleep brings forth Elise’s soft hypnotizing voice with a relaxing bass line and simple pop beat. With haunting background vocals and synth throughout. Obsession is a true slow jam. A nice mellow groove with a sweet medic chord progression shining through with the keys. It picks up a bit with a funky, mellow, pop bass line with ambient synths. The final track Slipping Away doesn’t stop. Elise’s musical talents keep shining. Her vocals are so mellow and relaxing while still keeping a groove that keeps your head bopping. The bass line is funk meets jazz if you will.

Now with five records under her belt and many singles. She doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down. Currently touring the US with her one-woman show The Losing Sleep Tour.

Trouw’s influences include Radiohead, The Police, Adele, John Mayer and The Tower of Power. If you have a moment go check out one of her live loop videos on YouTube.

Elise Trouw
Elise Trouw

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