Ellen Allien returns to BPitch with ‘Rave Luv’

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Embodying the artist’s year-long musical journey, influenced by the global club scene.

Photo Credit: Ellen Allien – Official

Ellen Allien just did her anticipated return to her beloved BPitch label with a new dance floor-focused EP titled ‘Rave Luv’. This latest release showcases her distinctive sound, blending playful vocal distortions, solid drum beats, and ethereal synths.

‘Rave Luv’ encapsulates Allien’s musical journeys during her sets and her ‘We Are Not Alone’ events in Berlin. It embodies her musical exploration over the past year, drawing inspiration from the vibrant global club scene. The dance floors and their enthusiastic participants serve as her creative muse.

Watch and listen to ‘Rave Luv’ below and get your copy here.

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