Emmon – Skin

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Emmon - Skin

Emmon’s “Skin”: Cool, clear and electrifying

Emmon - SkinEmmon from Sweden presents ‘Skin’, an energetic and powerful track from her new EP ‘Xception’. The song is characterised by a cool, precise sound that is as clear and crisp as glass shards. Emmon’s vocals fit perfectly into this atmosphere – crystal clear and yet a little warmer in the chorus, which gives the track an interesting depth.

The inspiration for ‘Skin’ comes from various sources, including sound samples and sequences from the early ALIEN films. This is reflected in the elegant, reduced yet rough soundscape that Emmon and her co-producer Jimmy Monell have masterfully created. The lyrics of the song explore the dynamics of light and darkness in humanity, which gives the piece an additional level of substance.

A small criticism is the somewhat too long intro for a song of 03:56 minutes. A crisp radio edit would certainly do well here. The abruptly ending finale fits the overall aesthetic of the track, but could surprise some listeners.

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