Games – Radio Edit

Source – recently came across The Safety Word a fresh electronic band that just released a remix album entitled ‘Remixed Vol. 1’ from their recent work.
In this review, we chose “Games” the radio edit version since we felt this superb track embodies mostly what this act is all about.
With very captivating melodies, tones, and a special atmosphere that mixes various emotive states of mind, “Games” offers a very modern electropop that should catch a lot of attention from the lovers of this genre.
The band uses very creative and melodic use of vocoder efx on the vocals that give the track a more contemporary sonic presentation and a sophistication they have found and crafted on their own, that is very unique, especially after listening to some of their other material and in particular this remix album.
We can resume that The Safety Word is a very elegant electropop band that incorporates elements from other styles like synthwave, indie electronic, synthpop, and new wave, (just listen to Dreamz another superb track of their body of work), and the end product is elevated even more when the vocals kick in.
One final note is precisely that, the vocals are gorgeous and atmospheric in a very pleasant way and blend perfectly with the atmospheric melodies, synth pads and all the electronic layers they craft.
Please follow and listen to The Safety Word, 100% recommended modern electropop music!