Source –, an electronic post rock/synthwave band from Republic of Moldova, released earlier this year their EP ‘Out Of Sight’, wich includes this gem of a track titled ‘Glow’. This song manages a dense atmosphere thanks to the powerful saturated bassline and powerful punch that it packs; in general the music production is on par with high quality synthwave of recent times, the vocal style, tones and efx are carefully crafted and mixed together with the dramatic melodies that evoke an epic sci fi thriller that you just don’t want to miss. The song features an amazing guitar solo that elevates the overall mood to a more rockier side and blends perfectly with all the other musical elements. This no doubt is very interesting high quality stuff, the post rock influence and nuances are there in the right places, it’s definitely a hot balance that at the end embelishes the usual and beautiful synthwave style and takes it to another level in a modest but definitely noticeable way. If you like synthwave with a more dense and moderate rockier approach, give Denorm a listen, preferably to their full EP, you’ll love every minute of it.