Gouldian Finch – Natas Kaupas (Lindstrøm Remix)

Source – https://www.indieshuffle.com/gouldian-finch-x-lindstrom-natas-kaupas-lindstrom-remix/

Sounds like:
Talaboman, Delle Jolle, Matthew Dear

What’s so good?

Gouldian Finch and Lindstrøm join forces to create a golden honey drip of electronica with their remix of "Natas Kaupas."Like a masterfully crafted cocktail, every drink needs that extra touch to elevate it beyond the ordinary, transcending the realm of casual experiences and igniting all your senses. With Lindstrøm's addition to "Natas Kaupas," the track ascends to the honey-glazed stratosphere of perfection.It bubbles and simmers with anticipation, teasing your palate until the moment you're ready for the pour, at which point it delivers everything you never knew you needed.

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