Source – https://getsomemagazine.com/blog/heather-by-pretty-is-a-gorgeous-summer-tune

Pretty. sits at the center of a unique Venn Diagram, blending indie sounds to create their mix of rock and pop. This refreshing soundscape entices listeners by merging the best of both worlds, creating movement within their driven melodies and intricate rhythm section.

Instrumentally, Pretty. is incredibly impressive; their tight performance is palpable, driving even the harshest critics home with their skill alone. It’s nice to see guitar-heavy music reign supreme in the indie sphere, and the tonal choices mixed with the solo at the bridge make for a fantastic track.

Vocally, dreamy and airy vocals rule the day. However, they’re not overpowering or overplayed; the natural stylistic vocal choices indicate years of practice.

“Heather” offers a catchy chorus, sweet lyricism, and an excellent performance by each band member. One could say that the song is, in fact, “pretty.”