Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/basic-elements-hideFrom the United States comes Basic Elements, an alternative new wave focused band that has a very interesting history, they are releasing an originally written song from the ’80s when they first started as a band as very young boys; and they recently reunited again last year (2019) after being disbanded since 1990.

Let us tell you, this band does maintain a very old school post-punk essence that makes you travel to those early 80’s years of glamour and glam rock like The Psychedelic Furs, The Smiths, and also an early Simple Minds to name a few from that era.

This track has many highlights starting with the super quality and modernized production, the varied synth layers and melodies (that get a little crazy and creative at points), the drums sound powerful and exciting; also worth noting is a rough musical precision in the execution of the overall performance that stamps the tune with a classic punkesque alternative sound.

The vocals are simply amazing and they just possess that punk vibe and catchy animosity that one could expect from this music style,
the tonality has also a rebellious attitude that with all the refining and updating they’ve done imprints a pleasant elegancy that can be perceived as an accomplished maturity.

The lyrics are also on point especially if you are of the ones that like art addressing or symbolizing ageless political themes.
Please listen and follow Basic Elements if you’re searching for that nostalgic glam post-punk new wave sound or even if you don’t you won’t be disappointed!