Hii Spirits explores nostalgia in latest single ‘2young’

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Featuring the vocals of Rromarin.

Photo credit: Hi Spirits – Official

Hii Spirits, the latest project from Melbourne-based producer Jack Arentz, has just released a new single  ‘2young’. The track is now available via BROKE.

Featuring the soothing voice of Melbourne’s Rromarin, ‘2young’ is a sonic exploration of nostalgia and intense emotions. The song began with a captivating synth riff that sparked Arentz’s imagination. Intrigued by its hypnotic modulation, he quickly added more production elements and sent it to Rromarin. She added ethereal vocals that tell a story of toxic love and youthful mistakes against a suburban backdrop.

“I want my music to conjure feelings of nostalgia and emotive memories. This song felt like it perfectly captured that energy, and I love the way that the production aligns with Rromarin’s vocals to paint a vivid image,” says Jack Arentz.

The Hii Spirits project started in December 2023 with the release of ‘Reminds Me Of You’, which has gained 3 million Spotify streams. The project is crafting a blend of indie-dance music with atmospheric house elements.

Listen to ‘2young’ below and grab your copy here.

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