I Want to Die

Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/yv-salome-i-want-to-dieFrom Czech Republic comes Yv Salome with her debut single ‘I Want To Die’, an interesting electronic blend of darkwave and synthwave with a tight beat and strange appeal.
From the immediate perception of a vanguardistic music production to the smooth calmed vocals and obscure theme, this is a perfect release for a newcomer; and gets even more interesting when getting to know the artistic background and career of Yv.
As an international published alternative model she sure knows how to design a dark attractive and ambigous image and set the tone for a dark and strange yet captivating mood.
Her vocal style is subtle and sometimes enigmatic on this track; the melancholic melodies and dark sweet tones flowing in cool crafted synth patches wrap perfectly around the performance.
This in the end is a carefully crafted music production and presentation and a perfect choice for melancholic, nostalgic or simply obsucre moods and situations.
We encourage you to follow Yv Salome to keep up with her upcoming releases, no doubt she will be releasing top quality material in the near future.