In Atlas – Where the Wildflowers Grow

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In Atlas - Where the Wildflowers Grow

“Where the Wildflowers Grow” – Melancholic dark pop from Denmark

In Atlas - Where the Wildflowers Grow“Where the Wildflowers Grow” by “In Atlas” is a track that is not immediately obvious, but that is precisely where its special appeal lies. The song title fits the listening experience perfectly: like wild flowers, this song needs time to grow and unfold its full splendour. Embedded in the melancholic sounds of synth pop, dark wave and dark pop, a gloomy and sad sound unfolds that leaves a lasting impression.

The singer’s voice is a highlight of the track. Mysterious, melancholic and with a seductive note, she lends the song a profound emotionality. The vocals float above the synthetic sounds and give the track an almost hypnotic effect. This mixture of melancholy and subtle eroticism makes the song special and sets it apart from many others in the genre.

The mini-album “Where the Wildflowers Grow” consists of seven tracks and shows the versatility of “In Atlas”. The artist, who was born in Copenhagen and spent her formative years in Athens, brings influences from the Greek capital’s underground music scene with her. This gives her music a unique depth and authenticity.

One small criticism could be that the song takes a little time to really ignite. However, those who are prepared to engage with the dark atmosphere and complex emotions will be richly rewarded. Fans of “Boy Harsher” and “Lebanon Hanover” will get their money’s worth here and should definitely give it a listen.

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