Interview with Dav Dralleon

Interview with Dav Dralleon

Our Russian interviewer, Oleg, from the 'E:/Music/Synthwave' VK community, spent some time chatting with one of the most brutal synth musicians to date: Dav Dralleon.

Interview with Dav Dralleon

Welcome to the #Retroview, Dav! Glad to have you as our guest! Let`s start with your nickname– What exactly does DAV DRALLEON mean?

Dav Dralleon is a fictional name. I don't yet know what it means, exactly. Only the people who listen to and appreciate my music will be able to say what Dav Dralleon is.

Despite the fact that 2020 was shitty, you`ve released a lot of stuff, such as the groovy Everflame EP as well as three bad-ass tracks from your upcoming album. Did the apocalyptic atmosphere around the world inspire you?

For sure, but this virus is only the beginning of our worries. Us westerners are living in opulence to the detriment of a good part of the planet. We know it, and we will suffer the consequences

You started your solo project by creating the 8-bit hardcore Black Sky EP. I listened to it specifically for this interview, and it's a pretty cool thing. It’s kind of like a mini soundtrack for a small RPG arcade game. Could you see yourself as an author of a soundtrack for a videogame?

Yes. In the beginning, it was for an indie game which I had prepared the scenario: A dark 2D platform game with a lot of action. I made 4 songs for it that I really liked, but the project never saw the light of day.

You played guitar in the metal band PANGORA for a long time. Why did you decide to start creating darksynth instead of continuing metal music?

Interview with Dav Dralleon

Yes, I come from the metal scene. I was a guitarist in PANGORA from 2008 to 2016, and I have always been interested in electro synth music. I discovered Perturbator, and when PANGORA was done, I had plenty of time to get into darksynth.

When someone listens to your entire metalsynth catalog since 2017, the element of increasing rigidity can be seen from D E P T H S to Everflame. How is this effect achieved? What would you call the main feature of your creativity?

Lots of work, never rushing anything, always trying to do what you think, and always following through with your ideas, even if that means to do it all over again. Always look to discover new things and try to get out of your comfort zone. Keep moving forward…

Which of your darksynth colleagues would you like to perform on the same stage with?

A lot (laughs), but I haven't planned to do any concerts yet

The French darksynth community is so large now. Almost every month in France, there are new darksynth musicians appearing like mushrooms after the rain. Why do you think the darksynth genre is so popular in your country?

You have Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, GosT, and Dan Terminus. These are the big bosses in the genre. You also have Volkor X, Fixions, Sierra, Carbon Killer, We Are Magonia… and I probably forgot many others. It possibly motivates French people who like electro and other sub genres to follow this style.

You once said cyberpunk is one of your favorite themes. Do you think we live in cyberpunk times? What would you advise to read / listen to / see etc. to those who like this topic?

Yes, we live in the Cyberpunk Era, but without the flashy side. The dystopia is here, with the oppression from the authorities and a head of government who refuses to listen to his people and often silences them by force and by manipulating the media. We’re in a future where everything is hyper connected. We have too much information and the new technologies seduce our conscience. We become, in a way, a new kind of slaves. You should read Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation”. This guy is a genius in ultra-advanced science fiction.

In reality, are you as tough as your music?

Interview with Dav Dralleon

Yes and no. It depends on the situation. You must always adapt, not get stuck, stay active, and face the problems that you encounter straightforwardly.

In your interview with The Infidel Netwerk, you stated that you’re engaged in preserving the environment and protecting animal rights. What, in your opinion, needs to be done in order to resolve the pressing issues in this area

We are destroying everything: overconsumption of meat, overconsumption of energy, pollution of our oceans, our rivers, our mountains. Our corrupt governments are unable to act, and they make the worst decisions about environmental problems. We must change our behavior. We must come together and move in the same direction to learn to gradually forget our personal comfort. We must be aware of what is at stake and the sacrifices that await us. That our world can have a future less obscure than what is on the horizon…

Surely you are waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to come out, right? What would you do in the Night City being the main character of the game?

Interview with Dav Dralleon

Yes, I cannot wait to play it. I intend to do all the quests possible and stroll around Night City.

For my final question– When and what can we expect from your new album?

My new album will be released in early 2021, and it will be called "FALL OV MEN". You can expect a dark and brutal album.

Thank you so much for this incredible conversation, and I hope it won`t be our last! Cheers!

Thanks a lot for this interview! Cheers

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