Jitwam – Phoenix (Ft. Hadiya George)

Source – https://www.indieshuffle.com/jitwam-ft-hadiya-george-phoenix/

Sounds like:
Arc De Soleil, daste., Okvsho

What’s so good?

Jitwam and Hadiya George treat us to an exploration of new age funk and electronica with "Phoenix."Like any good mythical creature, "Phoenix" engages our imagination in ways that are simultaneously stimulating and inspiring. The track unfolds as a playful and seemingly simple poem, yet it effortlessly transforms into one captivating earworm. I found myself unable to get enough of it. The song masterfully blends an array of samples, in-studio vocals, instrumentation, and ambient elements, resulting in an auditory experience that has my ears vibrating with joy.Jitwam, as always, brings a delightful touch, and the inclusion of Hadiya George serves as an immediate spice, adding an extra layer of flavor to the enchanting soundscape of "Phoenix."

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