Khruangbin – May Ninth

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Sounds like:
Arc De Soleil,Monster Rally, Szymon

What’s so good?

Khruangbin evokes a sense of nostalgia with "May Ninth," a laid-back and mellow track that transports me back to the first time I experienced the magic of "Mariella."With "May Ninth," Khruangbin effortlessly channels a classic feel, allowing the lead guitar to breathe and the vocals to rest and reflect. The track gently arrives, whispers its message, and disappears just as swiftly, leaving behind a lingering warmth.Listening to "May Ninth," I find myself immersed in a state of contentment, simply allowing the music to wash over me. Yet, as the song draws to a close, a tinge of sadness washes over me, reluctant to bid farewell to its soothing embrace.

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