Kilombo – Por El Suelo

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Nicola Cruz, El Búho, Bonobo


Kilombo – Por El Suelo

What’s so good?

The year: 2013. The artist: Rabbit Hole Revelations.Fast forward to 2024. The artist: Kilombo.With an 11-year gap and a couple of moniker changes later, this Paraguay-born, Montréal-based DJ and producer makes a comeback on Indie Shuffle.Previously, we featured his track "Kilimanjaro." Since then, he has established himself in Montréal's underground scene, re-emerging with "Por El Suelo" under the alias Kilombo."Por El Suelo" is imbued with African and Latin influences, creating a seamlessly blended downtempo piece. The sample might be from a Manu Chao song released a decade ago. In doing so, Kilombo intertwines the past and present with finesse and a unique perspective that only an artist who has reinvented himself numerous times can achieve.Kilombo has several more singles planned for 2024 and will release a full-length album in 2025.

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