Kroi – Water Carrier

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Sounds like:
Nulbarich, Tempalay, imase

What’s so good?

I love when shows can introduce me to new music. Recently I've been watching the series Sand Land on Hulu and it has one of the best opening songs for a show.Water Carrier by the J-Pop group Kroi has quickly become one of my new favorites. I think one of the great things about music is how you can still get a visceral feeling from songs even if they're not in your native language.The lyrics describe both figuratively and literally the frustration and fear of a wasteland. Wanting to find a miracle and dream of better days. Even if you don't know the translation all that still comes across in the song. You can hear the range of emotions and tell it has a sort of rebellion feel to it. It's just a really badass song that I think will instantly click with most people who hear it.

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