Kurran Karbal – Nowhere Else On Earth

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Sounds like:
Zuzu, Junip, Angus Stone

What’s so good?

Kurran Karbal began his spiritual journey with Vipassana. We all embark on these paths in the wake of hardship, and this Abu Dhabi-born artist has clarified one thing: we pursue them with the hope of eventually benefiting the lives of others by sharing truth and meaning."Nowhere Else On Earth" embodies such a notion. The guitars are captivating, as is the storytelling. If the listener pauses for a moment and pays attention, they will be directing their awareness toward a song of beauty. It is ethereal in its otherworldliness yet 'of this world' in its humanness."Nowhere Else On Earth" stands as Kurran Karbal's latest single, released under the label XYZ123.Enjoy.

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