Little Hag – The Machine

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Little Hag - The Machine

Little Hag builds an electro Frankenstein with a dildo!

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Little Hag - Now That’s What I Call Little HagOfficial music video “The Machine” performed by “Little Hag” taken from the album “Now That’s What I Call Little Hag”. Little Hag’s new song “The Machine” is an energetic and powerful dark pop number that impresses with its industrial sound. The artist’s powerful voice contributes significantly to the track’s dark atmosphere and gives the song a special intensity.

The cool electro breaks are particularly striking, keeping the listener interested and giving the song an exciting dynamic. The varied atmospheric changes ensure that “The Machine” never gets boring and constantly opens up new soundscapes.

The lyrics are clearly sexual in nature and definitely not suitable for young people, which gives the song a provocative touch. Little Hag breaks with her previous indie pop/rock style here and turns to a starkly electronic sound that may come as a surprise to fans of her old works.

This bold step towards a more electronic sound is refreshing and shows the artist’s versatility. “The Machine” is a cool song that should delight lovers of electronic music.

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