Make Friends – Loaded Fun

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Everything Everything, Wild Beasts, Alt-J


Make Friends – Loaded Fun

What’s so good?

One of the first bands I thought of when I heard "Loaded Fun" was Everything Everything. Perhaps that's not a coincidence, as it turns out that Bristol-based quartet Make Friends have crossed paths with the fairly famous Mancunians.Make Friends are clearly good at making friends in fairly solid circles. Apart from the aforementioned Manchster overlap, their latest single "Loaded Fun" was produced by the one and only Ed Nash (Bombay Bicycle Club, brother of Kate Nash).Connections aside, Make Friends have a really tight sound and a pretty catchy energy. I've listened to this new single about 20 times now, and it stands in start contrast to the band's current top-hit "Ellie" (from way back in 2019). They've clearly grown a bit, because this one comes at the listener pretty hard.Supposedly the content of the song is about breaking up:“The chorus of the song best describes that post break up feeling, where you know that you've lost a part of your life, however you don't miss the anxiety and occasions where “Loaded Fun” seemed like your only option. And realising that you don't have to put up with any of it. Hate is a strong word."I gotta confess I didn't actually realize that until I started writing this blog post. But now it totally makes sense. Clearly I'm not a lyrics guy!Either way, hope you enjoy 🙂

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