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Mary Ocher is a punk poet, sound and visual artist, and director that been working in the pop and avant-garde genres for almost two decades. Ocher finds inspiration and source material for her work going beyond the lines that have existed between high and low cultures. This Summer, she will release her seventh album ‘Your Guide To Your Revolution.’ It is a bookend to last year’s effort, ‘Approaching Singularity: Music for The End of Time.’  That came with a heady essay that “explores authoritarianism, unruly technology, and the diverse political and ethical implications of the impending changes for humankind.”

Now, the newest track, which is unapologetic, truly entrancing, dark, and haunting comes from the upcoming LP, ‘Sympathizer (Feat. Your Goverment)’ which follows in a similar topical vein. The engrossing single tackles head-on “the trivialization of civilian deaths by cynical politicians.” Accompanying the song is a very colorful and imaginative music video, but make no mistake about it: the imagery is not lightweight. There is an obvious blunt point that aims to put a harsh spotlight on the abuse of political power at its most devastating level which is detrimental to all human life.

To illustrate that, the video shows in no uncertain terms “a group of people on a garbage island so immersed in their phones that they fail to notice someone is shouting for help.” Mary Ocher is a daring and talented artist who can easily rest on her laurels after many years of making groundbreaking music. Her legacy is now assured. Yet, she still chooses to bravely go forward and delve into uncomfortable truths and very complicated subject matter. The music isn’t necessarily accessible or digestible for the record and single-minded public to listen to. Yet it is worth the time and effort to investigate and educate themselves as if their life depended. Simply, because it does. Freedom of expression comes with a cost. Mary Ocher seems to understand that and gladly pays for it with her compelling art.

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