meija – MAGIC (Ft. JAWNY)

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Sure Sure, Teenage Priest

What’s so good?

In a world where the mundane often dominates our attention, those who possess the extraordinary ability to see magic in everything are like modern-day alchemists, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with the flick of their perception."MAGIC" marks the first time that JAWNY is featuring on one of meija's tracks, though it's not the first time the pair have worked together on music. When discussing what magic meant in studio, it became clear that "MAGIC" was the perfect track to collaborate on.The lead synth of the song is really captivating and intriguing, made even more so by the artist sharing his process via Instagram. He's posted a few additional explanatory videos, and to me, this comes across as really generous — bringing the listener into the fold and sharing so much of the process. Not to mention, it's really interesting content!Said to be 'the most autobiographical song' meija has ever written, the first verse began as a poem and therefore allowed for the sort of spoken vocal performance you hear on the track:"People are gonna changeDo you really think you haven't?Just because you lose your faithDoesn't mean you lose the magicIt's the gospelFor the unbelieverI had a kid at twenty-twoSo I had to surrenderTo the magic in everything"To see magic in everything is to live with a sense of perpetual awe and wonder, to embrace the unknown with open arms and an open heart. It's a reminder that beneath the surface of the ordinary lies a world of infinite possibilities, just waiting to be discovered. Let meija and JAWNY guide you there with "MAGIC."

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