Natural Ambiences sound effects

Lose yourself in the sounds of nature

An old red house perched on top of a cliff, weathered by years of wind and rain. Eliza peered out of the dirty attic window at the churning sea below. The roar of the crashing waves on the rocky coastline reverberated off the surrounding hills. 

A storm was coming. Dark clouds gathered on the horizon. Eliza could feel the pressure dropping – a dull pain was always present in her knees when a storm came – and the air picked up the salty sea smell and extra touch of humidity. The birds had gone silent in the neighboring forest and an eerie calm settled over the countryside.

In the distance, Eliza spotted a lone figure making their way up the winding path to the house. It was her brother returning from the village to help prepare for the storm. She raced down the rickety stairs to greet him.

“Did you get the supplies?” she asked. Mark nodded, handing her a bag of food while he placed a lantern on the table.

“This is going to be a big one,” he said grimly. They worked together, boarding up windows and securing the barn, all while the sounds of the approaching storm grew louder – the crashing waves, the rustling trees, the hammering gusts of wind, the occasional roll of thunder. An epic battle between the forces of nature was about to begin, and Eliza and her brother would be at its center.

Our fresh upload of natural ambiences captures the essence of the great outdoors, filled with rich audio details like for scenes above. For every scene outside, a sound designer needs to have reliable, well recorded ambiances to give it realism and true immersion. Films, TV shows, video games – and even YouTube channels and podcasts – all need some background noise for the sounds we hear in everyday life.

Natural ambiences are constantly in demand from game developers, podcasters, cartoonists, and other creatives. We’re pleased to keep adding to our library and presenting what’s available. Our inventory of high-quality, recorded, royalty-free sound effects keeps growing every two weeks. Our subscription service just keeps getting better and better.

About the Sounds

At Smartsound Cloud, we’re busy recording fresh sets of natural sounds from all facets of the world. The last upload focused on animal sounds, before that, fire and ice effects, and more. Our recordists have really been busy. They had to find premium locations for recording each ambience without interruption. That’s no easy thing to do in today’s world filled with airplanes, hikers, and more. It’s actually more difficult to record a good, uninterrupted natural ambience than nick-nack gadget sounds where you have total sonic control in a studio.

This new sound upload captures the ambient sounds of nature in vivid detail. It saves you the time of finding those uninterrupted places, and allows you to implant that bit of realism into your project. With this upload, we’ve included coasts with waves, cliffs, birds, suburban ambiences, rain, wind, and more. Click here to see the full list of sounds we’ve included in our app.

What the sounds can be used for

These nature ambience sound effects would be ideal for any project aiming to create an immersive natural setting. Filmmakers and game designers can use them to establish a sense of place for outdoor scenes. Additionally, they can use them for background texture that helps bring virtual worlds to life.

The coastal and wind sounds could be used in a dramatic seafaring tale. Meanwhile, the forest and countryside ambiences would suit a rural period drama. Rain and heavy weather effects can add mood and atmosphere to any genre.

For video games, these ambiences help fill out open world environments with dynamic, immersive sounds. These noises will transport the player to wherever the character is, whether they are in a forest, on cliffs, or at the beach.

If you’ve got a nature-themed or mindfulness podcast, a travel YouTube channel, or wildlife podcast, these high-quality, evocative nature ambiences are for you. They will bring a touch of realism and depth to any project. They will most definitely provide authentic backdrops to transport your audiences into new worlds.

Whether you are creating a film, video game, or other project, this latest upload is a versatile collection of sounds that can bring your vision to life. So why wait? Get your subscription today and start creating!

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