Neverending Sunrise

Source – electronic music producer Mike Haunted recently delivered the exquisite ‘Neverending Sunshine’, once again featuring the gorgeous and distinctive vocals of Chris XD.

The track is mainly a modern synthwave production that shines from its solid drumbeat to the final sonic polishing that fits perfectly to this more contemporary retrowave and even some immersive dreamwave elements.

The song is immersive and has an unique uplifting mood, it sounds sophisticated and a moderated but engaging guitar work, you’ll love the catchy chorus and its melodious chord.

Mike is very skilled composing hooking melodies and choosing the best synth patches to elevate his compositions.
And on top of all this is where Chris dominates her vocal performance at its finest, and Mike does an extraordinary job at mixing and polishing her execution to really push it further to enhance in a natural way her unique vocal texture.
It’s no wonder that we believe that Mike (and Chris) possess the necessary potential to grow a significant following, we are just trying to help with a little push.

And to end with an even higher note, you should check out their previous release “Little Light” which we consider one of the best synthwave tracks from last year, it is truly a gem from every angle.