New You

Source – Elements’s newest song will engulf you with a hopeful spell of new wave nostalgia and a warm sense of positivity very much needed these days.
If you’re new to Basic Element’s music prepare for a joyful sonic experience, this time around they present the song “New You”, which in a way portrays a homage to the best Simple Minds era (and other similar artists of their genre), in fact, one could say it’s a homage to all the Scottish alternative 80’s music scene;
“New You” is built over a strong new wave foundation and lots of catchy synth arrangements and riffs here and there, the track’s message gets outstandingly beautiful, both in its innocence and encouraging “never give up” attitude.
The guitar’s on this one are splendid and will boost your mood for a better day every time you let yourself navigate through its heartfelt execution.
The vocals carry that amazing post punk vibe that is irresistible in this kind of more alternative organic oriented productions thanks a lot to the chosen drum set and overall modern 80’s ambiance.
Please make yourself a favor and follow Basic Elements, they are successfully bringing back that classic new wave sound with an updated and fresh facade.
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