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Noelle Sucks is the breakout star from Graveboy Records, the Emo Nite record label. It is no secret why she was chosen for the role; her effortless appreciation for the genre shines through each new release and each DJ set. Despite being a subject expert, Noelle continues to do her homework, which allows her to create modern hits like “Nonchalant” that take well-known elements of the genre to create a new, reinvigorated soundscape. Her signature sound closely resembles The Postal Service, but it needs no comparison, as she will eventually venture off into her uncharted territory.

“Nonchalant” is dreamy and ethereal, making room for Noelle’s unique vocal range. Her tone is what makes her stand out the most. She has one of those voices that stands out among the crowd, something that you cannot replicate. Of course, this comes with years of practice, but something about her technique and stylistic choices feels natural and easy to listen to.

Her power as a lyricist has also developed strongly during her time with Graveboy Records. An artist often needs a great mentor (or two) to catapult themselves in front of the right audience, and this seems to be the case for Noelle. In this case, the starlet seems to have decided to avoid banking on nostalgia dollars and instead pivot to creating a new aesthetic landscape for her music.

The combination of live instruments, like the acoustic guitar that guides much of the song, paired with electronic drums, make the song a straight-up banger.