NOPRISM – Sweet Temptation

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NOPRISM - Sweet Temptation

NOPRISM - Sweet TemptationWith “Sweet Temptation”, the British duo NOPRISM have created a song that perfectly captures the essence of dark pop, synth pop and pop. This catchy track is reminiscent of the golden days of MTV, when the music scene was flooded with pulsating energy. If you crave a touch of U2 in synth pop garb (Zooropa-like), you’ll get your money’s worth here.

“Sweet Temptation” is a track that immediately captivates you with its infectious sounds. The powerful dynamics of the song never let you get bored. It’s almost as if the energy of the 90s has been transferred to the present, and the result is simply intoxicating.

This song is part of the 8‑song album “Take Your Stone To The Mountain”, which is infused with a nostalgic 90s flair. Even if “Sweet Temptation” does not trigger a musical revolution, it fits perfectly into playlists that cover the period from the 90s to today.

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