Parallelle & Nicolas Masseyeff reunite again on ‘Surrender’

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Featuring a remix from Axel Boman of Studio Barnhus.

Photo credit: Parallelle – Facebook

Parallelle and Nicolas Masseyeff have returned to Crosstown Rebels with their anticipated EP, ‘Surrender,’ which includes a remix from Axel Boman, co-founder of Studio Barnhus.

‘Surrender’ features two tracks plus a remix. The title track delves into the night’s darker shades with strong percussion, synths, and vocal echoes. ‘She Says’ includes playful vocals, warped melodies, and dub textures. Boman’s remix is a simplified, yet refined version with hazy pads and expansive atmospherics, offering an off-kilter journey.

This Dutch duo and French DJ have collaborated on several projects over the years, releasing through labels such as DGTL, Systematic, and Diversions Music. Following their successful ‘Renegade’ debut in 2023 on Crosstown Rebels, they have reunited for a second round.

Listen to ‘Surrender’ below and download your copy here.

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