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Payton Shay is a pop girlie with a knack for indie earworms. She has taken notes from collaborators like The Colourist’s Adam Castilla, who helped shape 2010s indie. Her new single, “Savior Complex,” is an incredible modern iteration of a well-loved kind of sound.

It starts with an undeniably catchy drum beat that would change the mind of the world’s most stubborn wallflower. Her slightly distorted lead vocals are emotional, gritty, and captivating. The single’s production value is intriguing, with bold elements guiding her cheeky, often sarcastic lyrics.

The contrasting emotions throughout the song like the lyrics in the chorus, combined with the dreamy bridge make an engaging listen. Audiences are encouraged to think more deeply about the message Shay is evoking, especially with her conversational tone of conveying said message.

Payton Shay has been in the game for quite some time now, and her evolution is incredibly impressive. The release of “Savior Complex” showcases her entire journey, and gives her extra authority when it comes to guiding her audience to stand up for themselves. She is, evidently, a true powerhouse, who will inevitably exceed expectations with further drops.

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