Platronic – Memories

Platronic - Memories

Platronic - MemoriesPlatronic, the German-Finnish duo, takes us on a fascinating journey back in time to the glory days of future pop with their song “Memories”. With an impressive mix of dynamics and nostalgia, this track evokes the feeling of being back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Combining elements of synth pop and future pop, “Memories” is a refreshing homage to a bygone era.

The song begins quietly, almost melancholic, and draws the listener into its sad atmosphere. The catchy melodies and the singer’s lovely voice give “Memories” an emotional depth. It is reminiscent of classics like Code 64, Apoptygma Berzerk and Assemblage 23, who shone in the heyday of future pop.

Only halfway through the song does the true energy of “Memories” burst forth. The driving beats and pulsating synthesizers literally invite you to dance. The combination of a dreamy beginning and a danceable climax gives the song a refreshing twist and shows Platronic’s versatile creativity.

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Memories by Platronic