Poison Fruits

Source – http://www.synthpopyourworld.com/track/feature/enterme-poison-fruitsOnce again we are delighted to feature another great electronic artist from Denmark, this time is enter.me with his first single ‘Poison Fruits’, a pure modern electropop manifesto that shines in all the right areas.

Talking about the driving force behind enter.me, Claus Lindeskov Hansen, he embodies a creative songwriter that has learned to craft his electronic musical skills carefully, letting in some noticeable classic influences like New Order and Ultravox, yet holding a fresh and modern kind of more personal touch.

What it’s really interesting about this track is that it totally captures a creative and interesting balance between a more classic futurepop approach and blending in modern synthpop with even some synthwave convergence here and there.

Overall the track has an uplifting atmosphere, effective and catchy synth patches, and melodies, and we have to highlight the very enjoyable vocal style and performance, also they get enhanced with creative dynamic delay effects that accentuate the vocals in all the cool places.

Lindeskov highlights Bernard Sumner from New Order as one of his main inspirations, and we can corroborate that he knows how to equalize that with his own originality as a definitive advantage.

enter.me is an artist you just have to be following; danish modern synthpop is solidly in one of its best moments,
Town and Towers Records nails it again with another high quality artist!