PREMIERE: Night Lunch Trashes Post-Breakup Blues in “Junkyard of Love” (Music Video)

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Night Lunch by Aabid Youssef

Suitcases packed for their SXSW debut, Montreal misfit pop entourage Night Lunch unveils their new music video for “Junkyard of Love.” Coming off the band’s 2023 sophomore album Fire in the Rose Garden, “Junkyard of Love” is a gritty reimagining of the Brill Building ballad for today’s broken-hearted. 

On “Junkyard of Love,” Night Lunch frontman and music video star Lukie Lovechild shares “‘Junkyard of Love’ is a song about loneliness and isolation. Cannon fire says just how silly we can be, planting us firmly as the butt of the joke.” 

The prescription for coping with a dying flame is different from person to person. Some indulge at the bar of a local watering hole, take up ping pong, or find themselves in the depths of Reddit rabbit holes in the middle of the night. For Night Lunch, a cynical personification being “down in the dumps” in their oddball Phil Osborne (Osborne Oddities) cut depicts Lovechild as a lover scorned, wrestling with stinging bruises in a psychedelic scrap yard. 

Watch the premiere of Night Lunch’s “Junkyard of Love” below!

Director Phil Osoborne on “Junkyard of Love”:

“Lukie gave me some footage that he and Marlee shot in a junkyard. I edited what I thought were the best parts then did some rotoscoping of Lukie over the footage using a computer screen as my rotoscope machine. Going frame by frame with paper on the screen, tracing him playing guitar or dancing. These parts were inspired by Rick Raxlen’s animations. Then I decided to improvise some more animation based on what is said in the lyrics, including some junkyard-type creatures such as a love tank shooting hearts out of its eyes. All drawings were done using sharpies on 8.5” by 11” paper. At least 600 drawings in total.”

Catch Night Lunch on tour across the USA & Canada this spring:

March 12th, 2024 – Austin, TX @ SXSW (Swan Dive)
April 19th, 2024 – Québec City, QC @ Le Pantoum
May 10th, 2024 – Sainte-Thérèse, QC @ Santa Teresa

Night Lunch

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