Presentation of Retro Synthwave TV

Here is an overview of our new video project RETRO SYNTHWAVE TV. A Youtube channel inextricably linked to the site’s universe whether it’d be from a sound point-of-view presenting the best of Synthwave music or from a visual perspective showcasing the unique talents of various graphic artists from all over the planet. In addition, we will be presenting cinematographers inspired by the 80’s and retro-futurist game developers. All our content is carefully curated and is always rights approved and cleared by all the relevant parties before it goes online. If you would like to know more about our plans, please keep reading.


This project was born from a fascinating collaboration between two long lost childhood friends, Ludovic aka Spacemaster (founder of Retro Synthwave and Dixel Art) and Alex (veteran VFX and animation expert). After decades without any contact, and both being kids of the 80’s, they reconnected and decided to animate the iconic Retro Synthwave logo (above). The epic animation imagined by Dixel Art (expert in Retro Futuristic design and cyber-marketing) and craftily animated by Alex meant they also needed an expert sound-engineer/musician to match the level of the production. Enter Frederic aka Tommy’86, a staple name of the Synthwave scene who delivered a jingle of utmost quality and in perfect harmony with the retro-futuristic and highly fluid new animated logo. It’s then that we decided to go even further and create a whole channel to enhance the richness of the site, with one very specific rule: all content broadcast would be rights approved and cleared by all parties. From this point onwards, the adventure begins for us and hopefully for you too.


Retro Synthwave TV

Some could argue « it’s just another Youtube channel with Synthwave music »… well not exactly and let us explain why. We thought at length about how we could differentiate ourselves from others and provide added value through our content. On the one hand, all the tracks we curate get their own custom video with the artist’s logo reacting to the beat of the song (special mention to Alex). And on the other hand, the channel isn’t only about the music but it puts forward a variety of artists of the genre, whether they be designers, musicians, cinematographers, developers… (special mention to SpaceMaster for contacting all the labels, artists and agents to get approvals). All of this is served to you on a blue/purple platter with a multitude of chromed gems, neons and lightning strikes. The road-map is to first share with you unmissable Synthwave tracks, closely followed by influential designers and illustrators of the genre and then to expand the channel with many more appetizing goodies. If you like our work, please don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE and to activate the little bell, so that you don’t miss our new content. (go on…it’s free!).


Retro Music  Beats ➡ A custom Cyber-club where you will discover or rediscover a multitude of mythical tracks that define the Synthwave universe. With various skins like Outrun, Synthpop, DarkSynth, Cyberpunk and even Nu-Disco and Future Funk that merge closely with the 80’s prepare to be activated by pulsing glows and beats.

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Retro Designers ➡ A digital museum where we will showcase amazing illustrators, designers, photographers and motion-designers that have visually defined this highly charismatic style.

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Retro Film Directors ➡  A dark room highlighted with neons and lasers where we will present film-makers who have left their mark on the Synthwave universe. This will either be in the form of mini-documentaries and interviews.

Retro Musicians ➡ The space where you will be able to enjoy direct homages of the pillars and pioneers of the scene but also discover the new prodigies that keep enriching the Synthwave space.

Retro Video Games ➡ A retro-futurist arcade room where we will share our favourite picks of Retro Gaming, 80’s classics, and game developers.


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▪ Design & Art Direction & Cybermarketing by Dixel Art

▪ Video Production & Art Direction by Dubuscreative

▪ Music & Sound effetcs by Tommy’86

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