Rogue FX – We Leave With Nothing

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Rogue FX - We Leave With Nothing

Danceable melancholy: “Rogue FX” inspires with “We Leave With Nothing”

Rogue FX - We Leave With NothingWith “We Leave With Nothing”, Rogue FX presents an energetic synth pop track that will delight fans of classic 80s sounds. The song is dominated by crisp beats and a powerful bassline that immediately catches the ear and encourages dancing. Andrew Wood, the creative mind behind Rogue FX, pays homage to the big names of the 80s and 90s, such as New Order and Depeche Mode, without appearing old-fashioned.

The clear, expressive vocals perfectly match the electrifying tonality of the song and convey the dark, emotionally charged lyrics. These tell of the deep disappointments and emotional disintegration of a relationship – a “War Of The Roses” scenario that is reflected in lines such as “We leave with nothing, it’s not enough”. The lyrics are as catchy as they are melancholic and create an intense contrast to the energetic music.

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