Roy's Dream

Source –‘Roy´s Dream’ is a very immersive captivating instrumental piece of music from the duo Fat Koala Disorder, very soundtrack oriented, in fact, the track was inspired by the cyberpunk classic movie Blade Runner, this is a perfect tribute inspired by and to the film’s legacy, it captures the ambience and mood that characterizes it, that special sci-fi setting and futuristic post apocalyptic landscape.
This track is peculiar in its creativity and acording to the artist, the production was focused on using original ambient sounds and samples, very creatively processed and post produced to reach a special personality that can be felt in the build up of around all the 7 minutes that the piece lasts, delivering an epic ambience from beggining to end.
Fat Koala Disorder have demostrated that are very versatile and top quality at the early stages of their music career, from classic and beautiful crafted synthwave to this more artistic and totally different genre but that still mantains some kind of connection production wise.
This is an act to most definitely keep an eye for their next releases, the artist is very passionate, you can feel it from the production to the animosity and general great attitude in their willingness to share and describe their own work.