Source –‘Semblance’, the latest release from Sometimes Chad, is an emotionally charged song blending modern indie rock with some classic new wave, that can take you to a kind of bittersweet sadness and definitely has the ability to transmit a nostalgic even melancholic mood; the emotive words and vocals (that sometimes remind of a young Placebo), have the power and delicacy to transmit a special empathy that the songwriter it’s trying to project.
The inspiration for this song is of a very intimate and beautiful personal memory (please read the artist’s commentary below) that unfortunately ends sadly.
Without a doubt the guitar parts are the main focus here, and the texture, efx and final tone they present through profound melodies are so deeply touching. The overall production is balanced between the acoustic drums and a set of nicely constructed synth layers, giving it a little air of post punk with the contrasting more dry vocal layer. Sometimes Chad achieves a deep level of emotion with this track, hoping it will get to you too.